Stationery Stores/Pen Retailers

Below are links to various stationery and pen retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar.  I've included this list here for my readers' convenience, and also to have a list of stores in one place.  Listing here should not be read to imply my personal endorsement or any affiliation with this website.  If there is any such endorsement or affiliation, such as a sponsorship, it will be noted on the blog.

  1. Anderson Pens
  2. Artlite
  3. Bertram's Inkwell
  4. Chatterly Luxuries/Pentime (Bryant Greer)
  5. Cult Pens
  6. Doane Paper
  7. Edison Pens
  8. Fahrney's Pens
  9. Field Notes
  10. Fountain Pen Hospital
  11. Franklin-Christoph
  12. Goldspot Pens
  13. Goulet Pens
  14. Nock Co.
  15. JetPens
  16. Papier Plume
  17. Pen Boutique
  18. Pen Chalet
  19. Richard's Pens
  20. Vanness Pens
  21. Word Notebooks
  22. Write Notepads
  23. Zeller Writing Company

Pen Repair

Again, listing here does not imply personal endorsement.  I have used many, but not all, of the pen repairers and nibmeisters listed below.  I will say that all of the people listed here have excellent reputations. 

  1. Mark Bacas
  2. Indy-pen-dance
  3. Michael Masuyama
  4. (John Mottishaw--Classic Fountain Pens)
  5. Pendleton Brown
  6. Ron Zorn (Main Street Pens)
  7. Tim Girdler
  8. Deb Kinney

Pen and Stationery Forums

Pen and Stationery Forums are great places to learn more about the hobby (and sometimes to procure used lightly used gear at a great price).  I am a somewhat active member of all three forums listed below.

  1. Fountain Pen Network
  2. Fountain Pen Board
  3. Fountain Pen Geeks Forum (FPGeeks)