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As a website that offers mostly free content, I rely on sponsorship and affiliate relationships for support. Please take a moment to visit these fine folks who help keep The Gentleman Stationer going! Without them, it would be next to impossible to keep up a steady stream of fresh review content, and I'm grateful to everyone who's helped me out along the way. If you’re interested in sponsoring The Gentleman Stationer or working with me on a possible review, I’ve included details on rates and contact information at the bottom of this page. For information on data privacy, cookies, and how to opt out of advertising, please see our Privacy and Cookie Policies.

  1. Vanness Pens. Vanness Pens carries rare and hard-to-find inks from all over the world, including Akkerman, Colorverse, Callifolio, Akkerman, and the full line of DeAtramentis. You can check out my recap of a visit to Vanness here.

  2. Pen Chalet. Pen Chalet has a wide variety of available pens and offers unbeatable value on pens, inks, pen cases, etc. Shipping is fast, and orders over $50 ship free.

  3. Anderson Pens. In addition to having one of the largest offerings of bottled ink in the world, Anderson Pens is an authorized retailer of a wide range of brands, including Sailor, Aurora and Faber-Castell. Check out the sponsor profile I published here.

  4. Appelboom. Please check out Appelboom's extensive selection and excellent pricing on a wide range of brands, including Montblanc, Aurora, Montegrappa, and Leonardo. Free international shipping on orders over 200 Euros.

  5. Goldspot Pens. Goldspot carries most regularly offers excellent promotions and specials! Check out their "Weekly Dip" section for details.

  6. The Nibsmith. Many thanks to our newest sponsor, The Nibsmith! Dan offers a vast selection of pens from Aurora, Montegrappa, TWSBI, Sailor, Pilot, and more, along with nib customization services that are included on pens above certain price points!

  7. Pokka Pens. Pokka Pens makes high quality, portable ballpoints that make for a great EDC option, including a new pressurized “All-Weather” pen developed in partnership with Fisher and Rite-in-the-Rain. Use the code GENTSTA to get 10% off your purchase!

  8. TGS Amazon Page. I run across many more items (pens, pencils, books, accessories, etc.) in my online "travels." I can't feature them all on TGS, but Amazon has an option where I can set up an affiliate page to host product recommendations and earn fees on referrals. Amazon does not sponsor or endorse this blog in any way.

  9. Favorite Etsy Stores. I frequent a handful of Etsy stores that sell pens, leather goods, paper, and miscellaneous stationery and office goods. I am an Etsy affiliate, so I receive a small amount every time you make a purchase through one of my links.

  10. Huckberry. I’ve been enjoying the recent trend of curated retail, and Huckberry is one of my favorite places to shop. In addition to clothing and outdoor gear, Huckberry stocks a vast selection of everyday carry (EDC) items such as pens, knives, and watches, along with cool office decorations and bags.

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