Vacation Planning

And so, when it comes to deciding what pens and paper to take on my upcoming weeklong vacation, I--as do all pen enthusiasts--face some difficult choices.  Fountain pens or non-fountain pens?  Bottled ink or cartridges?  Unfortunately, this may turn into a "working vacation," so I can't exactly go penless.  Paper will most likely be Field Notes.  As I mentioned earlier, I'm on the cusp of finishing my last Doane Utility Journal, which will happen before I leave on my trip, so I've got my Shelterwood and a fresh Field Notes Kraft edition ready to go.  So what else to take?  Since this is a road trip, there's no need to worry about the "airplane" factor. 

Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black Edition with Sailor Kiwa Guro Nano Black Ink

Kiwa Guro and Pro Gear Imperial Black:  This pen and ink combo were made for each other, IMHO. 

Probably my all-time favorite pen and ink combination for pocket notebooks and Moleskines.  As Brad on the Pen Addict noted during his most recent podcast, which I was listening to driving home last night, Sailor's Nano-Black ink is incredibly dark and well-behaved, keeping a very clean line.  It is a pigmented ink, meaning that it contains superfine particles of pigment that theoretically could cause a clog, if you don't practice good pen hygiene.  Personally, I have never had a problem with this ink, except for possibly having a minor stroke when I got to the register and realized what it cost.  At close to $30 a bottle, it had better be good, but two years later I'm glad I made the investment.  Because the pigment sits on the paper and dries quickly, there is no feathering or bleedthrough on Field Notes or any other pocket notebook I have tried.  The only paper I could remotely get this ink to bleed on was a cheap Tops yellow legal pad, which frankly was useless with anything other than a pencil. 

So, for a one-week trip where I can bring one or two pens that I'm sure will write on basically anything, this combination makes the cut. 

Other Possibilities

Kaweco Sport with Kaweco Green Ink:  I've had this pen inked up for a week or so but have not had a chance to use it much.  I typically use my Kawecos when I'm on the road, so I'll probably take this one with me.

Karas Kustoms Render K:  As Ed Jelley observed, another great Field Notes pen.

This has turned into kind of a random post, but I'm excited to go on vacation, so there.  What are your favorite travel combos?

Note:  Because I will be on vacation starting this Friday, and I have no idea what my internet situation will be, posting may be spotty.  I intend to keep to my regular schedule if at all possible.