Deals & Drops: Introducing Pelikan Stone Garden, Just in Time for Pelikan Hubs!

Why not get a head start on Pelikan “Hubs Day” by spotlighting all the new upcoming Pelikan releases, as well as some old ones that are hanging around, sometimes at very good prices? I hope to see everyone who registered for this year’s Nashville Hub tomorrow night, and then for a special event on Saturday afternoon with Vanness Pens in Nashville! Be sure to keep up with the Vanness Instagram Feed for location and details!

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  1. Pelikan M800 Stone Garden Fountain Pen (via Appelboom). So the Renaissance Brown nearly drew me in, but I figured that at the end of the day, I didn’t need another M800. Then I saw this one, which jumped to the top of my “to by” list. Available for pre-order now.

  2. Pelikan Special Edition M205 Olivine (via Pen Chalet). Again, the best special edition M205 that I’ve seen from the Company in years. Available for pre-order now.

  3. Pelikan M205 Clear Demonstrator (via Pen Chalet). Another winner! If you’ve been wanting a clear Pelikan demo, but don’t want the larger M800 size (with the larger price tag), check this out.

  4. Pelikan M600 Turquoise White Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). This pen is a steal, the way it’s currently priced. One of the few special/limited edition options in the mid-size M600 model.

  5. Pelikan Ink (via Vanness Pens). Whether it’s Pelikan’s standard 4001 line, or upscale “Edelstein” series, Pelikan makes great ink that’s safe for most pens. Don’t miss Olivine, the 2018 Edelstein “Ink of the Year,” - and you’ll probably have a bottle coming your way if you’ve signed up for this year’s “Hubs” event.

  6. Pelikan Souveran 205 Classic Highlighter Do Pen Set (via Amazon). I haven’t seen this one in a while - the Yellow M205 demonstrator paired with highlighter ink. A good price to boot.

  7. Pelikan M205 Transparent Blue Demonstrator (via Amazon). I missed out the first time, but not the second. This one is getting more scarce, so if you want one, I’d act quickly while stock remains available at scattered vendors and Amazon sellers.

  8. Pen Wraps from Written in Rice (via Etsy / Written in Rice). Claire has restocked her Etsy store and has a small number of her pen wraps available.

  9. Baron Fig Slim Bifold Leather Wallet (via Baron Fig). I’ve reviewed Baron Fig leather goods before, and I’m glad to see they’re expanding the line. This bifold wallet I’m testing out has far exceeded expectations!

  10. Tarumi Apricot Sailor Pro Gear Slim (via eBay/Cool Japan). Readers of this blog will know that sometimes the only way to get Japanese store exclusive special edition pens, like this one with retailer Nagasawa is through eBay or a reseller. I’ve ordered from Seller Cool Japan before with success. There are other colors as well, designed to match the Kobe-Nagasawa inks, like Suma-rikyu Rose and Gakuen-toshi Fresh Green.

  11. Rikyu Moon Yellow Sailor Pro-Color Nagasawa Exclusive (via eBay/Cool Japan). Sailor has brought a very limited selection of their steel-nibbed Pro Color fountain pens to the U.S., but of course Japan has more.

  12. Platinum 3776 Urushi Maki-e Galaxy Starlight (via Anderson Pens). Wow, this pen looks gorgeous. I’m a huge fan of the Platinum 3776, and I’ve probably not written enough about it here. The pricing for this Urushi/Maki-e work is a (relative) bargain as well.

  13. Conklin Nozac Special Pricing (via Goldspot). Goldspot has dropped the price of the Conklin Nozac as part of their “weekly dip” promotion, including on pens featuring their stub and “omniflex” nibs.

  14. Build-Your-Own Custom Leather Cover (via Etsy/One Star Leather). Looking for a unique leather cover for your new Hobonichi or favorite brand of notebook? Keegan will build one especially for you. Check out my review here.

  15. Galen Leather Pencil Case (via Amazon). Sometimes simple is the best, especially with leather products. For some reason, this pencil case/carryall caught my eye. Check out my review of Galen Leather notebook covers.

Deals & Drops: Return of the London Fog Acrylic, 2019 Planners and More!

I was somewhat surprised to see Visconti resurrect what looks like the same (or very similar) acrylic from the limited edition “London Fog” Homo Sapiens released a few years ago. Also, 2019 planners from Hobonichi and Midori are available, and if you’re looking for a unique or limited edition cover, you probably want to act quickly. Finally, I somehow ended up with a bunch of links to limited or special edition demonstrator pens, which I love, and I’ve started to amass a small collection/accumulation of these beauties. Maybe a new feature in the future? Happy Friday! It can’t come too soon.

Disclaimer: This post contains links to paid sponsors and affiliates.

  1. Visconti Ocean Breeze Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). Boy does this material look familiar. Fun fact: Apparently Visconti calls this “Acryloid,” because it’s acrylic mixed with celluloid swirls.

  2. 2019 Midori Planners (via Vanness Pens). Looking for something special for your 2019 Planner? If so, it may be a good idea to act quickly, as some of the more unique patterns might sell out quickly.

  3. Platinum 3776 Oshino Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). Ron’s deal this week on the Oshino is ridiculous, and if you’ve been looking to pick up a Platinum 3776 demonstrator, this one is outstanding. The acrylic on mine has been polished to perfection.

  4. Baron Fig Limited Editions and More (via Vanness Pens). Vanness is now stocking Baron Fig products online and in store, including the new Archer “Elements” collaboration with CW Pencil Enterprise, and the Squire “Mysterium” collaboration with Harry Marks.

  5. 2019 Hobonichi Planners (via Anderson Pens). The Andersons are stocking more Hobonichi products this year, including the A6 Hobonichi, the A5 Cousin, and the slimmer “Weeks” planner.

  6. Sailor Profit Demonstrator with Black Plated Trim (via eBay). Sailor makes a wide range of fountain pens for Japanese retailer Nagasawa. It’s easiest to get in the states through a source like eBay, unless they come to the D.C. Pen Show like they did a few years back. This clear demonstrator with black ion-plated trim is great looking, and I need to review it soon.

  7. Sailor Sapporo Pro Gear Slim (via eBay). Another Nagasawa exclusive that I picked up a while back and need to review. This is the short “Sapporo” version that no longer forms a part of Sailor’s regular lineup, at least in the States.

  8. Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Wood Macassar Fountain Pen (via Appelboom). While we’re on the subject of black-trimmed pens, this is by far my favorite GvFC option. On the list!

  9. Parker Duofold Centennial Prestige Pens (via Goldspot). Don’t miss this one! Goldspot is running a steep price reduction on the Burgundy Duofold as part of its “Weekly Dip” promotion.

  10. TWSBI 580ALR (via Amazon). If you like TWSBI Pens, and you also like dark metal/matte trim, don’t miss the opportunity to pick one of these up. They’re great looking, and like all things TWSBI, you don’t know how long they will last.

  11. Pens from Yoshi Nakama (via 18111com/Etsy). This “White Wisteria with Silver Wisteria Roll-Stopper on lavender blue - another incredibly beautiful pen. I’m not sure how he keeps coming up with these designs…

  12. Colorverse Wisdom of Trees Series (via Pen Chalet). Colorverse has introduced it’s latest series, Wisdom of Trees, featuring tree-themed pairings that include Redwood, Methuselah, and Gingko.

  13. Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens (via Amazon). These are getting harder to find in-store, which is sad because they used to be an easy go-to when you needed a decent writing implement quickly. The Varsity is also a great way to test out the world of fountain pens for the first time.

  14. TWSBI Eco Special Edition Colors (via Amazon). TWSBI has been rotating through different runs of the Eco. The current color is pink, and the upcoming color is a clear blue. As with the 580ALR, if you have you’re eye on a pink one, act quickly because I missed out on the first blue Eco T and still regret it.

  15. New Acrylics from PenBBS (via Etsy/PenBBS). PenBBS keeps adding some great looking materials to their shop. I haven’t had the opportunity to pick one up (yet), but from what I hear the quality is good.