Doane Paper Utility Journals: Garage Edition

Over the past several months I've become a pocket notebook junkie.  I primarily use Field Notes--I don't care if the paper bleeds if I use a very wet fountain pen to jot quick notes (though I normally use a gel pen for this kind of writing), and I like the limited editions.  But I'm also a fan of Doane Paper's offerings, including these guys. 

Doane Paper Utility Journal Garage Edition:  Finished the three-pack!  They look good worn out. 

These are a more fountain pen friendly alternative to the standard Field Notes paper, although the paper is not quite as good as the paper found in the America the Beautiful and Shelterwood editions.  Here's a writing sample below.  I like the Grid+Lines paper that Doane uses.  It makes the notebook practical for both large and small writing.  The other Doane product I have tried is the large legal-size pad, which I use a lot at work.  I have one of each size of the idea journals (the spiral notebooks), as well as a pack of the larger utility journals, but have not had a chance to use them yet.  I anticipate they will be just as good as these.

Slight feathering with a VERY wet stub nib.

Some slight bleed-through with a very wet nib, but standard Field Notes paper would be much worse.

All Doane Products are available directly from Doane Paper, and also now from Jetpens