Supershow Wish List

Short post today, I'm getting ready for the DC Supershow!  Here's my 2014 "wish list":  

  1. Get pens tuned by Mike Masuyama (or, "run to his table as soon as I walk in the door and get on the list");
  2. Go to the Andersons' table and check out the new Sailor inks;
  3. Go to the Edison table and check out the Menlo pump filler;
  4. Visit's table and gawk over another Nakaya that I can't afford right now; and
  5. Meet as many people as possible.

I'm actually not going to this show with a very large budget, but then again I've got my collection more or less where I want it right now.  I did manage to sell or give away a large volume of ink that had fallen out of favor or just never struck my fancy, so if I take any chances and make any impulse buys it will probably be on ink.  Hope to see you there!  I will be monitoring my twitter feed on my phone, so if anyone is there and wants to say hello reach out to me @vintagegentlmn.  I'll take pictures and post a report upon my return!