Spring Cleaning!

You may have noticed a pause in new review content (pens, ink, etc.) around here, and it's because I've been doing some Spring cleaning this week.  In short, I have too many pens and inks that I never use, and my general rule is if I don't use something for 6 months to a year, it needs to go to a new home with the proceeds put towards savings or investing in something that I will use.  Here's what I'm cleaning out this week: 

From Left:  Vintage Conklin Endura in Bronze & Black Marble, standard size.  Restored with new sac, good condition, spots of brassing on the clip ($215); Pilot Metropolitan in Black (Medium) ($8); Pilot Metropolitan in Silver (Fine) ($8); Noodler's Konrad in Methuselah's Pinecone Ebonite (Flex Nib) ($20); Karas Customs G2 Bolt ($35); Sheaffer Snorkel (14K Medium Admiral (non tubular) nib, restored) ($55); Vintage Viceroy Pen/Pencil Set (Fine Gold Plated Nib, Restored) ($10). 

Domestic Shipping will be $5-10, depending on how many pens you order.  Prices are relatively firm but I will consider discounts if you take multiple pens off my hands. 

I also have some vintage Parker Quink Permanent Blue-Black (Art Deco bottle, full), and a smaller bottle of Carter's Midnight Blue that I will consider letting go for $12 per bottle.  

Contact me through the blog or tweet at me @vintagegntlmn if interested.  I'm also active in the PenAddict Slack room.