A Retrospective: One Year of the Gentleman Stationer

For this week's “links” post, I’ve decided to look back at one year’s worth of posts on this blog in its current form.  It’s been interesting to review these older posts over the past few days to get a sense of what readers find interesting, and in particular what particular posts (or categories of posts) have staying power.  To those of you new to the blog, here’s an opportunity to catch up on my “greatest hits”!  

  1. One Week With . . . The Pilot Metropolitan.  My review of the Pilot Metropolitan posted for Fountain Pen Day back in November, when we were giving away a silver Metro with a fine nib courtesy of Jetpens.  The Metropolitan continues to be the “gateway drug” of many into the fountain pen world, and if you’re just dipping your toes in the water it’s a good place to start.  I don’t own a Metropolitan anymore (hey, I had to create some space somehow) but I continue to wholeheartedly recommend them. 
  2. A Modern Classic:  The Parker Sonnet.  The success of this review surprises me.  It’s one of my earliest reviews (written in July of last year), and consistently shows up as one of my “most read” posts.  Many people knock the Sonnet as a temperamental pen that frequently has nib issues—and this may be the case—but I bought this one at a pen show, had Mike Masuyama work on the fine nib, and have used it consistently every since.  I love the chiseled stainless steel pattern on this pen, and it has a permanent place in my pen chest.  
  3. Ink Review:  Sailor Yama Dori.  Ok, so this one isn’t much of a surprise at all.  I don’t think I’ve come across anyone who has used this ink and doesn’t at least “like” it.  The black-teal color is unique, and I find Sailor inks to be among the most consistently well-behaved.  If you haven’t seen or tried this ink, read this review and then go order yourself a sample.
  4. Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Black Edition.  Another non-surprise, especially given that I flog this pen to anyone who will listen to me wax poetic about Sailor’s nibs, the pen’s perfect size, the matte-black finish . . . you get the point.  I’ve had this pen going on two years.  I’ve pretty much considered selling or trading every pen I own at some point, except this one. 
  5. Pilot G2 Limited.  My most-read review of a non-fountain pen.  I still love the G2, probably as much as or more than any other commonly available gel pen.  I gifted this particular pen to my brother this Christmas when he asked me for an “upgrade” and he loves it.  Readily available, for not much money at all.  (WARNING:  Impulse-buy affiliate link here.)

Thanks to all of you who visit (regularly or occasionally) my little corner of the pen blogosphere.  I appreciate all of you and look forward to writing here for a long time to come.