Attention Pen-Loving Tennesseans! Sign up for Pelikan Hubs!

Consider this a public-service announcement of sorts.  Like many of you did, a month or so ago I signed up and volunteered to be an organizer for a Pelikan Hubs event in Nashville.  Unfortunately, I received an e-mail from Pelikan this morning notifying me that not enough people have signed up, and the greater Nashville area--greatest city in the world, I might add--is in danger of not being a "hub city" for 2016.  

Let's fix that.  If you live in the greater Nashville area, or simply are thinking about traveling here for a fun even on the 16th of September, please use this link to register for Pelikan Hubs.  Pelikan will supply pens and ink to test out, and I understand there will be prizes.  I promise to bring the Jack Daniels. 

(It goes without saying that I encourage everyone to register for their own hometown, it's just that I have a somewhat vested interest in promoting Nashville.)