Ink Review: Kaweco Blue-Black

My apologies in advance for not having a photograph of the bottle, but this ink was given to me in single-cartridge form by a friend kind enough to loan me a couple pens for review.  Kaweco's expanded line of inks are fairly new (at least in their current bottle form), so there's not many reviews out there of the various colors.  In the brief time I spent with this ink, I really enjoyed it.  It's a blue-black ink that leans more towards the "steel blue" or "blue-grey" end of the spectrum, at least in a drier nib.  As you can see from my photographs, the more ink you lay on the paper, the more pure "blue" color you get in the writing sample. The ink shades nicely and is well- behaved.  The next time I'm in the market for a blue-black ink in this specific shade, Kaweco presents a very valid option!    

I tried this in two pens:  a Kaweco Elite with a broad nib, and a Jinhao x450 with a 1.1mm Goulet Stub.  The ink flowed well in both pens, although it tended to run a little dry in the stub after an extended period.  There was never any skipping or railroading, however.

Here you can see a close up of the shading, and compare the Kaweco ink with the Pilot Blue Black ink Cartridge and the Pilot Hi-Tec-C in Blue-Black, two of my favorite daily writers.

Here's the stub writing sample in close-up, using the previously reviewed Jinhao X-450.