Inks of New York: Noodler's Pinstripe Homage

I broke this out yesterday from my stash of inks that I somehow never got around to trying, and I really like it.  I'm not anti-Noodler's.  I don't necessarily buy the "these inks will dissolve your pen" arguments as long as you are smart about cleaning your pen periodically and use common sense with your fragile vintage stuff.  For example, don't use a super saturated Noodler's Ink in a vintage celluloid pen that could easily stain.  For most modern pens, I'll typically give Noodler's a go.  (As with anything I say on this blog, YMMV, so use your own judgment with regard to what inks you're comfortable with.)  

Pinstripe Homage has some of my favorite Noodler's artwork. 

Anyway, back to this ink.  Pinstripe Homage is one of the "New York Colors" that Noodler's manufactured for the former Art Brown International Pen Shop in Manhattan (may it rest in peace).  Other colors included Subway Series Sepia, Manhattan Blue, and Brooklyn Brawn.  Some of us out there appreciate the overarching baseball theme.  Personally, I love this color, and can't believe that I waited this long to use it.  I'd describe it as a darker blue black with hints of teal (dare I say a "dark Yama-Dori"?)  I also like the fact that this ink dries quickly and doesn't bleed, though it will feather a bit on cheap paper, like most Noodler's inks.  

People have also compared this ink to Iroshizuku Syo-Ro, another "teal-black" ink.  

Unfortunately, as far as I know this ink is not available anymore.  I picked up my bottle from Goldspot, who bought Art Brown's remaining stock when the shop closed.  If anyone wants to do an ink sample trade for some of this, reach out!