Collection Gallery

You may notice something new on the site this weekend...  I was photographing my collection for personal inventory purposes, and I decided why not add a gallery of the pictures to the website as well.  If you see anything that I have not yet reviewed that piques your interest, please let me know.  There's no real theme to my collection, as my interests range pretty wide and I have pens from all regions, both modern and vintage.  Most of my recent acquisitions, however, have been either Italian or Japanese.  You may also notice that some of my pens have scuffs, and many of the vintage pens would be considered "user grade."  I use pretty much everything I own.  I do consider myself a "collector" to some degree, but nothing I have is so valuable or irreplaceable that I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying it day-to-day or using whatever ink I choose (with a few exceptions). 

For those of you in the U.S., enjoy the long weekend!