Ink Review: Franklin-Christoph Syrah Syrah

This is the second of two reviews of Franklin-Christoph's bottled ink that I picked up at last month's Atlanta pen show.  This one is their red color, "Syrah Syrah," which as you might expect is a burgundy wine-colored ink.  Like the Olde Emerald, it offers shading galore, especially in a stub nib like this 1.1mm Masuyama on my Sheaffer Legacy Heritage.

Excellent shading, but if I had one gripe, it's that the ink is fairly watery and sometimes railroads on slicker paper.  This is the same Exacompta Index card stock that I use for all my reviews.  This is a smallish price to pay, however, for a red ink that's as easy to clean out of a pen as this one.

This ink has good flow, especially for a red.  In my experience, red inks sometimes get crusty around the nib and are hard starters.  I've not had that issue here.  There's no bleed through or feathering on good paper like my Exacompta card stock.  On a Doane legal pad, there was some bleed-through, as you'd expect from a stub nib and an ink this wet, but hardly any feathering so my pen was still usable.  I've not used it in a fine or extra fine yet, which are my day-to-day users, so I may post an update as it makes its way through the rotation.