Some Site Updates Going into the Weekend!

Just a quick update on a few new things you'll see on the site.  I've added three sections collecting my "Best Of" lists to make them easier for new readers (and old ones!) to get caught up on past posts.  The links are now pinned to the navigation bar.  

It's been an incredibly busy week at work, so I've not come close to reviewing all of the wonderful things I have sitting on my desk right now, but more reviews are in the works and on the way (including some more pencil and paper content).  In the meantime, if you haven't read my recent series on my Top 5 Fountain Pens in various price ranges, please check it out!  As always, thanks for your support.  I truly appreciate all of you.   

Best Fountain Pens for Beginners

Best Fountain Pens Under $75

Masters Class:  Buying Your First Fountain Pen over $100


InCoWriMo 2015 Starts Today!

What is InCoWriMo, exactly?  International Correspondence Writing Month!  Every February, pen, pencil and stationery enthusiasts from around the world pledge to write one letter a day during the month of February.  This year is my first year participating.  To learn more and sign up, visit the InCoWriMo website.  There is also a list of nearly 300 people, last I checked, who can't wait to receive your letters.  

I mentioned I'm participating.  If you'd like to write to me during InCoWriMo (or anytime, for that matter), The Gentleman Stationer now has a P.O. Box.  Please send any letters to: 

Joe @ The Gentleman Stationer, P.O. Box 681294, Franklin, Tennessee 37068-1294.

Pens, Ink, coffee, and bourbon will also be accepted.  I can't promise swift responses, since my schedule has been insane of late, but I will do my best! 

P.S.  I've also updated my "about" page, so please check it out. 

New Products Catching My Eye

We really are in a new "golden age" of analog writing instruments, regardless of the never-ending corporate pressure to accept that "the pen is dead/go paperless"!  You need look no further than the never-ending stream of new products coming to market this fall (and apparently finding a very receptive audience).  Here's what's been threatening my wallet: 

  • Twist Bullet Pencil by HuckleberryWoodchuck and Metal ShopWho would've thought that a popular 1930s-1940s agricultural promotional item would be making a comeback in 2014?  I've backed this one (and am hoping that the anodized red color makes the final cut). 
  • Karas Kustoms Ink Fountain Pen:  I have Karas Kustoms' full pen line (one of each of their models, the Render K, the Retrakt, and the Bolt).  I'm looking to add the new Ink fountain pen to my collection as soon as we get to a new month and the budget opens back up.  Yes, I'm trying to be disciplined here. 
  • Ti2 TechlinerBrad's new "Top Five" pen over at The Pen Addict.  The Gonzodized finish is unique, and something I haven't seen before.  I have a Ti2 pen that I like a lot, so this has moved onto the "must have" list. 
  • Field Notes Unexposed:  I've been on the fence about these (because I'm not a neon type of guy), but I love the idea of "unexposed," and I'll probably cave and pick up a couple of three packs because, well, they're Field Notes.  
  • Doane Paper Utility Journals:  Doane Paper just released their new small utility journal color 6 pack.  Earlier this summer I finished my three pack of these, and will have to re-up soon.  
  • MassDrop:  This brilliant idea has the potential to be a complete and total disaster for me.  I'm already on the hook for a Mover machined pen from Tactile Turn, at a price I couldn't say no to.  I'm envisioning much difficulty "saying no" to many things in the future, especially if some of the "drops" I've voted on pan out.     

I've been on a bit of a buying hiatus lately, but that "might" be ending soon!  If you see anything you think I might like and am missing out on here, let me know!