Deals and Drops: Spring Holiday Specials

This week's offers include an Easter coupon code from Pen Chalet, some restocks on new limited edition pens and inks, and the release of a very "spring-y" Baron Fig Confidant, the "Metamorphosis" limited edition. Enjoy some shopping over what's hopefully a long weekend for at least some of you out there! 

  1. Pen Chalet Easter Sale (via Pen Chalet). Save an additional 10% off of Pen Chalet's already low prices with the coupon code EASTER. UPDATE: Ron is also running an Easter Weekend Flash Sale with massive discounts on pens such as the Visconti Speakeasy (for the pen-loving lush in your life)
  2. Waterman Carene Omlum Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). Grab this Waterman Carene with an ombre finish at a reduced price, which can be reduced even further using the Easter code above. Pen Chalet also has the Waterman Expert and Waterman Perspective versions of the Omlum fountain pens on sale. 
  3. Baron Fig Confidant "Metamorphosis" Limited Edition (via Baron Fig). Wow. You know I've been a fan of the different color Confidants, and I'm really digging this peach/pink edition, with dot grid paper.   
  4. Parker Jotter (via Pen Chalet). Ron has some Parker Jotters on sale for under $20.
  5. Lamy Safari Petrol (via Anderson Pens). It's here, and it's going fast! The medium nib is still in stock.  
  6. Lamy AL-Star Pacific Blue (via Anderson Pens). While you're at it, you can pick up this year's AL-Star limited edition as well.  
  7. Montblanc William Shakespeare Velvet Red Limited Edition Ink (via Anderson Pens). This year's writer's edition ink is back in stock at Anderson Pens. 
  8. Elegant Utility (via Etsy). Michael makes some very nice brass and wood pencil accessories, including their Pencil-Pal, Pencil-Companion, and the Pencil Crown (my review).  
  9. Diplomat Aero Matte Orange Fountain Pen (via Appelboom). If you missed it last week, Appelboom has the Diplomat Aero fountain pen available in the new matte orange color. I received mine this week and it's gorgeous. Keep an eye out. 
  10. Pelikan M800 Renaissance Brown Limited Edition (via Appelboom).  Pre-order now; the pen is available through May.
  11. Pelikan M800 Burnt Orange Limited Edition (via Pen Chalet). Once the Renaissance Brown comes out, this one's days are numbered. Grab it now, with the Easter discount.
  12. Pelikan Mount Everest Special Edition (via Amazon). An older M640 special edition model.
  13. Pelikan Sahara Special Edition (via Amazon). Another M640 special edition, still available from some sellers.
  14. Pelikan M605 Special Edition Marine Blue Translucent Fountain Pen (via Amazon). I think this is one of the prettiest Pelikan Special Editions that they've released in the past few years. I need to pick one of these up.
  15. Pelikan M600 Vibrant Green Special Edition (via Amazon).

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

Deals and Drops: Piles of New Pens, Pencils, and Notebooks

It's been a big week, which saw the launch of new Kickstarter projects, the release of multiple new limited additions, and me spending most of my pen budget well in advance of the Atlanta show. But what are you gonna do, especially since new sponsor Appelboom has the matte orange Diplomat Aero in stock? 

  1. Hippo Noto Tomoe River Notebook (via Kickstarter). If you follow the blog SquishyInk (and you should!), they've launched the Hippo Noto Tomoe River notebook. There's even an option for a custom Robert Oster ink ("Hippo Purple").
  2. Ti Pocket Pro: Auto Adjusting EDC Pen (via Kickstarter). If you backed the Ti Arto Universal Refill pen, you may be interested in the latest from Big Idea Design. It takes a wide range of refills, though not as many as the Ti Arto.   
  3. Write Notepads "Telegraph" Edition. This newest edition is gorgeous and I'm sure it won't last long. Also, those cream-colored pencils....
  4. Blackwing Volumes 205 (via Blackwing 602). The Jade Pencil, now available to order. 
  5. Baron Fig Pen Sheath (via Baron Fig). Protect your Squire with a slate or tan leather pen sleeve.
  6. The Pencil Perfect, by Caroline Weaver (via Amazon). Buy Caroline's book. It's out! 
  7. Lamy Petrol Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). The Lamy Petrol fountain pen has hit retailers, and is now available to order. I've heard it's going fast. I'm probably going to wait until the ink comes in
  8. Diplomat Aero in Matte Orange (via Appelboom). It's here! And I've already ordered mine from Appelboom and it's on the way. Ever since I saw this in Baltimore, I've literally been drooling.
  9. Parker Urban (via Amazon). I thought I would hate this pen, after a bad experience with one I picked up a couple years back. Shockingly, the new model is an excellent writer, and the pen is generally getting good reviews. Look for a full write-up soon. 
  10. TWSBI 580RB (via Cult Pens). I just ordered mine, so there's no longer any danger of it selling out and I can talk about it. The 580RB is still in stock (probably for a limited time) at UK retailer Cult Pens. Grab one while you can - I don't see these around much anymore.
  11. Sailor 1911 Standard Peacock Demonstrator (via Anderson Pens). Sailor and Anderson Pens have announced a new 1911 limited edition, which features a translucent teal acrylic with rhodium trim (and a tri-tone rhodium/gold nib). Pre-order yours now! 
  12. Taroko Design 96-page Tomoe River Pocket Notebook (via Amazon). Features the cream-colored Tomoe River paper with a dot grid layout.
  13. Pencil Board for Traveler's Notebook (via Amazon). Taroko Design also sells pencil boards that fit inside your Traveler's Notebook, which provide a flat surface for writing on the go, as well as serving as a ruler, bookmark, or line guide for blank paper. Also available in a smaller Passport size
  14. The Pen Show Limited Edition Vanishing Points (via ThePenShow). A new retail site launched, which showcases some stunning (and rare) limited and special edition pens. Check out all those Vanishing Points!
  15. Pelikan m400 Brown Tortoise (via Pen Chalet). Get this pen while you can. I received mine in the mail yesterday and it's gorgeous. Supposedly this is a "special edition" that they will eventually discontinue, though I really do hope they add brown tortoise to the standard Souverain line. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.