Deals & Drops: Back to Baltimore!

I’m off to the Baltimore Pen Show, back on the circuit, early tomorrow morning, and hope to see many of you there. I’ll be behind the Vanness Pens table for a good part of the weekend helping out, so don’t forget to come visit! For those of you who can’t do the pen show thing, here’s a great selection of deals, discounts, special editions … you know the drill. Don’t miss the 20% off all Monteverde Ink sale at Vanness, using the coupon code “TGS20"!

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  1. Monteverde “Bloo” Ink Set (via Vanness Pens). Monteverde has started to release their inks in sets at discounted prices, including this set of their excellent blues. Grab a further 20% discount on all Monteverde Ink at Vanness using the coupon code “TGS20”!

  2. Faber-Castell Fountain Pens (via Vanness Pens). Faber-Castell makes a broad range of excellent writing instruments across a wide spectrum of price points, including some of the best stainless steel nibs available. Check out my review of the Faber-Castell Loom, an excellent entry-to-mid level offering.

  3. Opus 88 Eyedropper Pens (via Vanness Pens). Opus 88 pens sell exceptionally well at pen shows, and I think it’s because their unique design is even more visually striking in person. They also it at an appealing price point. If you love pens with large ink capacity, check these out.

  4. Matte Black Shuttle Space Pen (via Huckberry). My favorite iteration of the Fisher Space Pen (the “Shuttle Pen”) is on sale, in a cool matte-black color scheme I haven’t seen before. Curated retailer Huckberry maintains a great selection of EDC items, including pens, knives, and personal audio, among others.

  5. Lamy Studio Special Editions in Terracotta and Olive (via Pen Chalet). Lamy has finally started to do more with the Studio, and FINALLY brought these special editions to the U.S.!

  6. Lamy Scala Special Edition in Rose (via Pen Chalet). The Scala is one pen from Lamy that I’ve never seen in person. If you like pink/rose-colored pens (which can be uncommon), check this out.

  7. Namiki Nippon Art Fountain Pens (via Anderson Pens). These are gorgeous, and not at all obscenely priced for the work that goes into them.

  8. Moonman M2 Fountain Pen (via Amazon). The pen sitting on my desk right now, inked with my favorite red ink of all time and ready to mark up some documents! I love these inexpensive eyedroppers.

  9. Sailor Professional Gear Tequila Sunrise Limited Edition (via eBay/CoolJapan). Nice pricing on this limited edition Sailor Pro Gear, and one of the prettier color schemes that’s been released into the Japanese market.

  10. Pilot Prera Limited Editions (via eBay/Pensachi). Want to have fun with the Japanese limited edition craze but not spend a ton of money? Check out these limited edition Pilot Preras in Ibis Red and Parrot Green.

  11. Soubriquet Vacuum Filler Fountain Pen (via Desiderata Pens). I’ve been really pleased with my Soubriquet that I purchased at the L.A. Pen Show. Note that now these can come fitted with a JoWo No. 6 nib, in addition to the Zebra Flexible Calligraphy nib that Pierre has long offered.

  12. Leonardo Officina Italiana Pens (via Goldspot). Goldspot is now carrying the Leonardo line! These are one of my favorite new pen brands on the market, so look for them soon.

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