Sunday Reading for April 5, 2015

Happy Easter/Passover!  This week was simultaneously productive and frustrating, since I was able to complete multiple handwritten pen and ink reviews yet haven't had the opportunity to get them finalized and up on the blog.  From my updated EDC, however, you should have some idea what I've been working with and what might be on the way.  For now, a few things that caught my attention: 

  1. Pete Denison has an interesting piece on introversion which links to two fascinating articles and delves into office politics.  I for one can relate.  For those of you who are interested in reading further, I would highly recommend Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, by Susan Cain.  (Affiliate Link.)   
  2. Brian from OfficeSupplyGeek reviews J. Herbin Stormy Grey.  Every time I see this ink, I want it, but something about putting "floating particles of gold" into my pens pretty much guarantees that this particular ink will never happen for me.  If I can't use an ink for everyday purposes, and leave it sitting for a while, it's too high maintenance.  (Not that Stormy Grey isn't a cool idea, in and of itself.  Same goes for Rouge Hematite.) 

Why on Earth Did Sailor Discontinue Apricot?

Ever since we got the word last year that Sailor was discontinuing it's current Jentle line of inks, and, somewhat oddly, replacing them with new versions of inks previously issued as "limited editions", I've been mourning the discontinuation of Apricot, Sailor's orange ink.  I understand that this is utterly nonsensical.  I'm hoarding two or three bottles of the stuff, and since I've only finished one or two bottles of ink in the five years I've been in this hobby, this probably qualifies as a 10-year supply, if not more.  (Some people may use orange ink on a daily basis.  I don't.)  Despite this, over the past year I've been searching for a suitable alternative to my Apricot, should I ever run out.   

If you look carefully, in the background, you can see my newest ink obsession.  

Enter the first pretender.  Iroshizuku Yu-Yake is a perfectly good ink.  It doesn't feather on my cheap office paper, it flows well, and it has a nice pure orange color that shades decently.  So what's the problem with it?  I'll show you: 

This isn't a 100% accurate color reproduction, but it's close (Orange Inks are hard to photograph/scan.)  In this picture, the Yu-yake shows up a tad light, and the Apricot a shade darker, but the difference in vibrancy is accurate.  

Yu-yake certainly doesn't have the same "pop" as the Apricot, and to be fair, Pilot probably intended Yu-Yake to be a completely different color.  It's also somewhat unfair that I chose to show off the Apricot in a 1911 with a Nagahara-tuned music nib, but Apricot looks just as good in a fine nib.  Iroshizuku does win out on the cheap office paper that I have to use on a daily basis at work, so I will probably keep this bottle around.  Apricot tends to bleed through.

The hunt for a suitable Apricot replacement continues.  But then again, what else do I have to do with my time and money?    

Two-For Tuesday: A Couple of Ink Reviews

Here are a couple of quick ink reviews on inks that I was using over the weekend.  The first, Kaweco Palm Green, was a pleasant surprise, although it's not really a color that I'd find myself using all that often.  Like all Kaweco Inks, it's low-maintenance, if not a bit pricy in bottle form.  The second is Iroshizuku Asa-Gao ("Morning Glory"), which I really like, though I found it too similar to more economical colors like Waterman Florida Blue in order to justify paying the premium price for Iroshizuku.  The most pleasant surprise was the pen that I used for the second review, a Noodler's Ebonite Konrad "Dixie Methuselah," courtesy of our sponsors at PenChalet (link here).  A full review will be coming in the next couple weeks, but after some less-than-stellar experiences with Noodler's pens, I'm really enjoying the Konrad.  

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